About our senior center

The West Warwick Senior Center will focus on the needs of the elderly population of West Warwick. We work to promote the independence and well being of our senior citizens and provide services to maintain or improve their quality of life.
The West Warwick Senior Center promotes and advocates for Institutional change and public policy to insure the independence of all persons in the Town of West Warwick.

Manuel Murray
President / CEO

Sharon Musco
Administrative Manager

Dennis Chatelle
Daily Operations Manager

MaryAnne Iannitti
Senior Nutrition Supervisor

Senior Center Staff

Our team

Arthur Potter
Distribution Manager

Paula McCormick
Data Integrity / Financial Affairs

David Froelich

Paulette Rainey-Brown

Deb McQueen
Special Projects / Senior Affairs

Linda Rodas
COVID Sanitation / Safety

Our Staff

Manny Murray – Director

Sharon Musco – Administrative Manager

Dennis Chatelle – Daily Operations

Dave Froehlich – Transportation

MaryAnne Iannitti – Mealsite Manager

Arthur Potter – Facility Security & Distribution

Paulette Rainey-Brown – Receptionist

Debra McQueen – Special Projects & Data Integrity

Linda Rodas – COVID Sanitation and Safety

Sheri Pollock – Center Nurse

Board of Directors

Dr. Kathy Carty – Director

George Kelly – Vice Chairperson

Patricia Doyle-Chatelle – Treasurer

Mary Burke – Secretary

Barbara Tabak – Chairperson

Jason Messier – Town Council Liaison

Ed Giroux – Director

David Tyler – Director